Eco-Whale Alliance Members

1. Marine Tour Companies
Croisières AML
Croisières AML is a family business founded in Québec almost 40 years ago. It is Canada’s largest excursion company, with 24 boats operating out of ten ports in Québec. In addition to its urban cruises in the Montréal, Québec and Trois-Rivière City areas, Croisières AML also provides whale-watching cruises departing from Rivière-du-Loup, Baie-Sainte-Catherine, and Tadoussac. Of these ports, is added that of Berthier-sur-Mer with cruises in the archipelago of the Montmagny islands of which the discovery of the Grosse-Île.
Les écumeurs du Saint-Laurent
Les Écumeurs du Saint-Laurent invites you to discover the fascinating world of whales on board one of our rigid-hull inflatable boats, in the company of our passionate captains.
Croisières Essipit
Each Essipit whale watching cruise is a personalized adventure for up to 12 people, an amazing excursion that goes to the deepest waters of the Saguenay-St.Lawrence Marine Park. By traveling in a Zodiac inflatable boat, you get as close as possible to the surface of the St. Lawrence River, giving a unique sense of being right up next to the whales. This larger-than-life feeling is enhanced by the comments of our experienced captains, who share their knowledge as well as Essipit Innu beliefs about whales and the marine world they live in.
OrganisAction-Quebec Off The Beaten Path!
OrganisAction - Quebec off the beaten path! offers a wide range of packages or customized activities. Departure from one of the most beautiful bays of the Fjord at Rivière-Éternité or possibility of charter for a day or half-day for your particular needs with departure according to your location on the fjord, our activities are flexible from May till October. Group from 2 to 24 people.


The Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM)
The GREMM is a non-profit organization based in Tadoussac. Founded in 1985, it is dedicated to scientific research on the marine mammals of the St. Lawrence and education for the conservation of the marine environment. This organization works to develop knowledge and share it with the general public in furtherance of its primary goal: Greater understanding for better protection. Its awareness programs are inspired by the stories of individually identified whales, some of which have been tracked for 25 years!


3. Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park Managers
Parcs Québec
Parcs Québec is the entity of the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq) responsible for the administration of the Quebec national parks network. For more than fifteen years, Parcs Québec applies to raise the quality standards offered in the Quebec's national parks so that it now compares favorably with other major park systems throughout the world. Parcs Québec has fulfilled its mission to “conserve, protect, and educate” through a range of original and innovative activities to help people get to know its outstanding parks while minimizing human impacts. Sépaq and Parks Canada manage the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park jointly.
Parks Canada
Parks Canada was founded in 1911, and was the world’s first national parks service. Today the system comprises some 42 national parks, 167 historic sites, and four national marine conservation areas. Canada is bordered by three oceans and boasts the world’s longest coastline and largest freshwater reserves. The biodiversity of its marine and coastal regions is as fragile as it is extraordinary. The cooperation between the governments of Québec and Canada in the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park sets an inspiring example for all.


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